About Us

Cleaners Canterburyin a Nutshell

Cleaners Canterbury is a young company. It starts to operate in the Canterbury area in the beginning of 2009. Although our organization has a short history, the number of its customers is growing. The reason behind that is our team of professionals. Our employees know the importance of their everyday work. In addition to that, they have the opportunity to use professional equipment and products. In order to develop their skills, we train them in the latest cleaning standards. Of course, we carefully select all our staff members, and check their background prior to hire them. The feedback of our clients is equally important for our success. Thanks to them we know what are the latest demands in the industry. That is why we encourage you to continue to give us your opinion. Together we can make your life more easier. And of course our company more prosperous.

Interesting Facts About Canterbury

CanterburyCanterbury is a city that is part of the county of Kent, and is 54 miles away from London. It is World Heritage Site because of its cathedral built in 597. It is also the heart of Anglican Communion and the Church of England. King Henry II ordered the murder of the local archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170. This event is of great importance to the pilgrimage. The city is one of the most popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom. That is why tourism is the main factor to the local economy. The history of Canterbury dates back to Paleolithic times. It also plays an significant role during the Roman presence in Britain. Although there are four universities in the local area, the town is small in terms of population. About 55 000 people lives in the city of Canterbury. An interesting event that attracts a lot of people every year, is the Canterbury Festival.